Shipping & Returns

Article 13 – Right of withdrawal

A consumer can cancel an online purchase within a cooling-off period of 14 days without giving reasons, provided:

The product has not been used
It is not a product that can spoil quickly, such as food or flowers
This is not a product that has been specifically tailored or customized for the consumer
it is not a product that cannot be returned for hygiene reasons (underwear, swimwear, etc.) the seal is still intact, provided it is a data carrier with digital content (DVDs, CDs, etc.)
The product or service does not concern accommodation, travel, gastronomy, transport, catering or any form of leisure activity
The product is not a separate magazine or newspaper
the consumer has not waived his right of withdrawal

The reflection period of 14 days referred to in paragraph 1 begins:
the day after the consumer receives the last product or part of an order, once the consumer has confirmed that he will purchase digital content via the Internet

The consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal by email to [email protected], if desired also using the withdrawal form that can be downloaded from the Padelshop Vibora website,

The consumer is obliged to return the product to Padelshop Vibora within 14 days of notifying him 
of his right of withdrawal; otherwise his right of withdrawal expires.

Article 15 – Reimbursement of delivery costs

If the consumer has exercised his right of withdrawal in a timely manner and, as a result, has returned the entire order to Padelshop Vibora on time, Padelshop Vibora will reimburse the consumer for any shipping costs paid by the consumer within 14 days of receipt of the order returned on time and in full. .

The cost of delivery will only be covered by Padelshop Vibora if the entire order is returned.

Article 16 – Reimbursement of return costs

If the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal and returns the entire order on time, the consumer will bear the costs of returning the entire order.

Article 22 – Delivery

Delivery takes place while stocks last.

Delivery takes place at Padelshop Vibora, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.

The products ordered online are delivered to the address specified by the customer.

If the agreed amounts are not paid or not paid on time, Padelshop Vibora has the right to do so

Suspend obligations until the agreed part is paid.

Late payment constitutes a creditor's default and results in the customer not accepting the late delivery

Padelshop Vibora can raise an objection.
Article 23 – Delivery time The delivery times indicated by Padelshop Vibora are indicative and do not entitle the customer to termination or compensation if they are exceeded, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise in writing. The delivery time begins when the customer has completely completed the (electronic) ordering process and has received an (electronic) confirmation from Padelshop Vibora. Exceeding the specified delivery time does not entitle the customer to compensation or to withdraw from the contract, unless Padelshop Vibora cannot deliver within 14 days of written notification or the parties have agreed otherwise. Article 24 – Actual delivery The customer must ensure that the actual delivery of the products he has ordered can take place on time. Article 25 – Transport costs The customer bears the transport costs, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. Article 26 – Packaging and shipping Article 26 – Packaging and shipping If the packaging of a delivered product is opened or damaged, the customer must let the carrier or delivery person note this before receiving the product. Otherwise, Padelshop Vibora cannot be held responsible for any damage. If the customer organizes the transport of a product himself, he must report any visible damage to products or packaging before transport to Padelshop Vibora. Otherwise, Padelshop Vibora cannot be held responsible for any damage. Article 29 – Custody If the customer accepts ordered products later than the agreed delivery date, the risk of any loss of quality lies entirely with the customer. Any additional costs arising from early or late purchase of products will be borne entirely by the customer.