About Us

I'm Richard Meulenkamp and I'm the manager of Sportcafe Belle Helene.
I do this with my wife Heleen, after whom I named the sports café.
Sportcafe Belle Helene is a sports café in the tennis park in Winschoten.
The sports café is located in the tennis hall. We organize many indoor activities,
including: a company competition, tournaments, youth competitions, party evenings, buffets, pub quizzes and
Birthdays. In summer it is also possible to reserve barbecue evenings. Padel shop Vibora; Padel is a very attractive, dynamic sport. Which is definitely fun
is the accessibility of the sport. However, I quickly realized that there was hardly any
Information/service for a player who wants to buy a racket.
There are also few physical stores that carry all types of clubs.
The selection in the range is very large. If you are playing longer and looking for
a better quality racket, it is better to hold it in your hands first,
instead of ordering it directly online. We would like to make a distinction here.
Quality and service are our top priority.